Achievements UnLimited Marketing

Agency marketing services with Worldwide Loyalty Benefits

At Achievements UnLimited Marketing, our most important overall service to our Clients is to assist them in attracting and keeping long-term "Loyal Repeat Customers" for their long-term business success.  That is our most important "Success Measurement Tool."

If your customers are loyal to you, then you will probably be loyal to us!

Yes, the most important word in our offices is "Loyalty" 

Business Strategic Planning

Understanding your customers needs/desires/goals and more is essential in strategically planning your marketing campaign and in making important timely changes to your marketing campaign.  We provide experienced professional marketing research studies and analysis to assure that your business planning is headed in the correct direction.

These services are provided as desired for $60.00 per hour.

Advertising Concept Creation and Completion

Depending on your media type choices, professional advertising concepts can be created for TV media, Radio media, Print media, Online media, and Outside Media.  Your choices will be professionally completed.

You will receive individual quotes for your choices.

Media Planning

Professional Media Planning is available to assure that you are selecting the appropriate media for your marketing campaigns.

Professional Media Planning services are available at $50.00 per hour.

Lyconet Marketers Presentation/Networking Meeting Sharing

Our Sarasota Yacht Club Networking Meetings with professional presentation equipment are available to all Lyconet Marketers for your personal professional Lyconet growth.

You, and your Team will be invited to also participate in all training events. 

Receive Loyalty Benefits for your monthly participation charge of $50.00!  This monthly charge includes free lunch for 2 people.  Extra people may be added for $25.00 each.

To discuss participation questions, call Roger Foulks at 941-320-0818