Achievements UnLimited Marketing

Agency marketing services with Worldwide Loyalty Benefits

Achievements UnLimited Marketing is a full service "business development advertising, marketing, and promotion agency", specializing in helping small & medium sized business, based in Sarasota, Florida, U.S.A.  We are proud to be a "Lyoness SME" offering "Loyalty Benefits" and also "teaching/sharing Loyalty Marketing techniques" with our global clients.  

We are also proud to offer clients "significant hard dollar cost savings" to improve the profitability of their business!

If you are not aware of "Lyoness Loyalty Benefits" ~ Start with this Video!

We are proud to have our offices just north of Sarasota's Saint Armand's Circle, one of the premier shopping venues in the world!  See our "Events" page for current information about our monthly "Merchant Focused Networking+Information" meetings held at the Sarasota Yacht Club as well as The Coffee Loft where you can learn how to "attract the world's most loyal shoppers" as well as how to "maximize your personal shopping loyalty benefits."

Click here to meet Roger and Pamela Foulks, Co-Owners, in a welcome introductory Video 

In this Video Roger Foulks introduces the initial plan of Achievements UnLimited  Marketing to help small to medium sized businesses improve their future profitability results in the future with what we call "the 3 Cs"

Convergence (of new technologies):

  1. "Digital Technology" to lower your marketing/advertising costs, while increasing your sales
  2. "Loyalty Benefits" to lower your marketing/advertising costs, while increasing your sales
  3. "Digital Technology" to be introduced to lower other hard business costs

  1. Working together with other business in your community to "community inform and educate local customers" lowering everyone's marketing/advertising costs, while increasing their sales

***Collaborative Cooperative Commerce (Inter-Relational Merchant Cross-Marketing):

Small and Medium sized business work together to:

  1. Increase Sales
  2. Reduce Costs
  3. Increase Profits
  4. Grow Together, creating jobs and opportunities